Mass Mayhem 5

In the present world of internet and computer there are lots of online games that are brought in the market which enables the user to play and pass their time. There are lots of different games available and it entertains the kids as well as individuals who are enthusiastic about online games. Mass Mayhem 5 is one such game which has been developed by the experts and needs proper strategy and ideas. The basic details and overall aspect of the game is quite simple and this helps the gamer to remain acquainted with the game.

Mass Mayhem 5

In this particular game the user plays the role of a brave soldier who fights against the zombies and face the world of evils. Your

main aim is to kill the evils and survive the full mission and collect proper items and necessary things. Make sure you shoot all zombies and when you run out of bullets you can use the big robot or a car to survive the day. Try collecting the items that are available to achieve victory. Once you finish each and every level there is an option to buy ammos like mines, bullets, shotguns, rocket launchers or even bombs and at the same time can upgrade the mechanical robot for your safety and benefits.

Free to play Mass Mayhem 5 Game

With this new series of Mass Mayhem 5 expansion a new a category is introduced which enhances the gamers with a kick ass robot which is quite powerful. The robot can help you to kill the waves of zombies and fight against those evils. You can use from the different collection of weapons or also choose the robot to do the killings for you. Both the mechanical robot and the weapons can be upgraded according to your flexibility. The controls are quite easy where you can use the arrow keys to move front, backwards and even sideways. The space button is used to fire or shoot bullets.
Free Mass Mayhem 5 Game

The series of Mass Mayhem 5 have sequentially developed and this new series features with lots of added weapons and robot. So as a gamer go ahead and have fun, destroy all the designated population of zombies. Initially start with grenades and rocket launchers and try saving some money. Here with this “Epic War” you can choose three characters and each comes with unique story behind them. In total there are 30 units and 70 skills in total. Keep waiting for what waits for you at the end which is nothing but a gate to the hell.

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